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Welcome to my  Home Page on the web. My first objective is to show you some of the computer graphics I've developed.  This is a new creative area for me although I have been creating art in oils, acrylic, pastels, pencil, ink and any other medium I came across since childhood.  All of that ended when I had a stroke in 1996.   As far as I was concerned my creative days were over.

One afternoon I was sitting in the garden watching the birds when I happened to look at the hydrangea or snowball plant we had next to the patio.  I looked at the plant with that "artist's eye" mode where I was analyzing how one would draw the flowers.  I thought maybe I could draw an impressionist version which would not require a great deal of detail.

I had a computer which I used to play Bridge online and e-mail.  My son had put Paint Shop Pro on the machine just in case there was a time when I could draw again.  He set up a tablet/stylus but I soon found I did not have enough control to work with it. I abandoned the tablet and put my  left hand on my handy dandy mouse, with whom I had developed a strong relationship many years ago.  All this happened in early September 2000. 

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This website is a showcase for that work.  Browse, enjoy, critique or ask questions. Just imagine you came to my art gallery on Madison Avenue or down in the Village in New York. Wander around and enjoy. 



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